Juicers for 2020
Our Top Juicers for 2019
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1 Hurom H-AI – Self Feeding Juicer
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BioChef Atlas Juicer

2 BioChef Atlas Juicer
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3 Omega MMV702 – Mega Mouth Slow Juicer
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Best price 4 BioChef Atlas Pro Whole Slow Juicer
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5 Omega Juicers VERT – VRT350HD Slow Juicer
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6 Hurom GH – Chef Horizontal Juicer
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Angel Juicer 7500

7 Angel Juicer 7500
8 Smeg SJF01CRUK – Retro Style Slow Juicer
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9 Omega J8008C – Extractor & Nutrition Center
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10 Tribest GS-P501 – Green Star Pro Commercial Juice Extractor
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The Best UK Juicers for 2020 by Juiceland

Buyer's Guide, Comparisons and Advice

We’ve reviewed our favourite juicers of the year so you don’t have to! If you’re tired of buying store bought juice, or just want to learn more about the benefits of juicing, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got three handy guides to help you get to grips with the basics of juicing and free recipes to get you started.


Your Guide to Juicing

Getting Started with Juicing Juicing fruits, vegetables, sprouted seeds, ...

A Guide to Choosing a Juicer

Choosing A Juicer - Juiceland Guide Choosing the best juicer for you can be a very tough ...

Juicer & Smoothie Recipes

The following recipes can be mostly be achieved with all types of juicer although a ...

Fruit & Vegetable Guide for Juicing

APPLES Apples have an abundance of vitamins A and C. Apples are high in pectin ...

Should You Get a Masticating or Centrifugal Juicer?

We always recommend slow press or masticating juicers over their centrifugal counterparts as they yield more juice and are a lot quieter. 

However, centrifugal juicers are a lot faster at processing foods and tend to be easier to clean.

It’s also said that exposing your fruits and vegetables to heat can damage the nutritional value of the produce. 

Some juicers offer “Cold Spin” technology, or a similarly named variant. This reduces the amount of heat exposure your produce receives and can help retain the vital nutrients of your fruits and veggies.

Fresh Juice Every Day

Freshly pressed juice regardless of whether it’s masticated or centrifugally processed tastes better than store bought alternatives.

This is because it hasn’t been exposed to pasteurisation, storage and doesn’t have any nasty additives to detract from the natural flavour of juice.

If you find that you’re on a health kick and are looking for a better way to get your 5-a-day of fruit and veg, then juicing can be a great way to get started down the road to a healthier and fitter lifestyle too!

Where to get the best prices?

We don’t sell anything here at Juiceland but we find the best prices and stockists of all our favourite juicers to price track and compare so you can make an informed decision as to whom to purchase with!

Do you really need a juicer? They can be a great way to sneak additional fruits and vegetables into your daily routine and if you’ve got kids like us who aren’t all that keen on their greens, then a juicer is perfect for getting additional fibre, protein and vitamins into their diets.


Our Favourite Juicers - The Angel Series

The Angel brand of juicers are by and far the best slow press masticating juicers on the market. With 3 different products available (the 5500, 7500 & 8500S) series. These juicers are easy to clean and built to last. Yes they’re pricey but we think they’re worth every penny.

We’ll be working on the rest of our recommendations shortly. In the meantime why not check out all the juicers available on Juiceland?

Juiceland UK
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