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The Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender # 10089 is packed with one and a half times more power than the Drink Machine model and is aimed at the commercial kitchen for food preparation or for the Raw Food enthusiast who is blending really tough ingredients. With its variable speed control knob, it can blend the thickest and toughest ingredients like avocado seeds, buckwheat and asparagus to a silky smooth puree or it can coarsely chop vegetables on the slower speed settings. It can even create hot soup from cold ingredients by using the friction created by the high-speed spinning blades!

• 1200-1400 watt, 3 peak horsepower motor with large cooling fan
• Virtually unbreakable 2 litre jug fitted with Wet Blade and removable lid plug
• Variable speed control and high-power turbo switch
• Ultra-reliable motor outlasts other blenders
• Metal to metal drive coupling
• Tamper for pushing down ingredients to the blades or thick mixtures
• Vitamix own 54 page recipe book

The extremely powerful motor delivers 3 peak horsepower at the blade and the 10-speed variable controller ensures all ingredients are thoroughly pulverised when operated at high speed but it is also delicate enough to finely chop at slower speeds. You can also flick the high-speed paddle to make hot soup or ultra-smooth blends. An advanced large cooling fan keeps the motor cool during the busiest times ensuring reliability right throughout the day.

The see-through 2 litre jar is virtually unbreakable and is fitted with the Wet Blade which is more suited to food preparation tasks and blended smoothies from fresh fruit and leafy greens. It includes a lid with removable plug so liquids can be poured in whilst the machine is running. A tamper or accelerator tool helps push ingredients safely to the blades or to help process thick recipes.

The Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender is also capable of grinding seeds, nuts, spices, citrus rind and more can all be processed to a very fine powder. With the optional Dry Jug you can even grind grains into flour and simulate the kneading process. The jar connects to the motor via a metal to metal drive coupling and a spare drive socket is included with the Vita-Prep 3.

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Product Features
Strong Motor
Food Preparation
High RPM Motor
Makes Hot Soup
Cocktails / Crushed Ice
Smoothie / Milkshake
Hard Fruits & Vegetables
Leafy Greens & Grasses
Soft Fruits
Top Performer
Recommended By Juiceland
Peak Horsepower
Digital Display
Number of Programs
Noise Reduction Cover
3 Years Parts and Motor, 1 Year Labour
Commercial Warranty
3 Years Parts and Motor, 1 Year Labour
Boxed Weight Kg
Unboxed Weight Kg
Length mm
Depth mm
Height mm
Operating RPM
Manuals Download Manual

Juiceland Says about the Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender 

Another quality product from the Vitamix stable. An excellent choice for the professional chef and is also very popular in the domestic kitchen and among raw foodies. We sell this model in to many high-end restaurants so you can be assured the professionals even recommend it.


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Vitamix Vita-Prep 3

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