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The Vitamix Blending Station Advance is an upgrade on the T&G 2 model as it boasts a more powerful 3 peak horsepower, 1550 watt motor so it can blend even tougher ingredients or it can be run for longer before the overheat safety function kicks in. There are very few recipes that haven’t been thought about as the blender has 34 different recipe programs and 93 various speed settings built-in which will allow you to create any kind of drink including thick smoothie mixes that include a high percentage of ice or frozen ingredients. It is also able to blend hard to mix ice-cream drinks as the Advance jug and blade reduces blending time by 30% - so it’s the perfect choice for thick smoothies and iced coffees.

• 6 optimised programmes
• 34 recipe programmes
• 1550 watt, 3 peak HP motor
• Press and go operation
• Countdown timer
• Variable speed 1,500 to 22,500 RPM
• NASA engineered sound enclosure
• 1.4 litre Advance jug and blade
• On-counter & in In-counter models

The Vitamix Blending Station Advance has many pre-programmed blending options to cover most drink requirements including frappes, cocktails and smoothies and features one-touch operation which allows you to select your preferred cycles and walk away and it will even auto-shutdown on completion. The six buttons can be reprogrammed to add your favourite blending cycles and a custom programming kit can be purchased separately to create your own programmes if the included ones are not enough. A variable pulse button has low or high speed settings and can be used to refresh standing drinks or to quickly process ingredients to make salsas. The bright LCD display panel shows the time left to process every drink, the amount of power being used and even counts overall drinks total.

The 1.4 litre Advance container reduces blending time by up to a third compared to other blender jugs which also increases the life of the blade. It helps reduce cavitation with cold drinks by having a wider base than the usual blender jugs, the lid includes a removable plug so ingredients like syrups or powders can be added whilst blending is in progress. It has been designed with a smooth pouring action to prevent mess and a none-drip spout. The jars are stackable which makes this commercial beverage blender great in set-ups where multiple jars are in constant use.

The Vitamix Blending Station Advance has a 1550 watt, 3 peak horsepower motor which produces perfectly blended and homogenised drinks with no icy chunks. The removable NASA designed sound enclosure maintains a quiet atmosphere so can be situated where customers are served. A built-in thermal sensor monitors how hot the motor gets and will warn when it overheats and shut down.

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Strong Motor
Cocktails / Crushed Ice
Smoothie / Milkshake
Hard Fruits & Vegetables
Leafy Greens & Grasses
Soft Fruits
Top Performer
Recommended By Juiceland
Peak Horsepower
Digital Display
Number of Programs
Noise Reduction Cover
Return to Base - 3 Years Motor, 1 Year Jug & Blade, 1 Year Labour
Commercial Warranty
Return to Base - 3 Years Motor, 1 Year Jug & Blade, 1 Year Labour
Warranty (Motor)
3 Years
Warranty (Parts)
1 Year
Boxed Weight Kg
Unboxed Weight Kg
Length mm
Depth mm
Height mm
Operating RPM
Manuals Download Manual

Juiceland Says about the Vitamix Blending Station Advance

This is an improvement on the famous T&G 2 model with a bigger motor which means more running time producing thick drink mixes. Nice and quiet so can be situated at front of house. Your next level up in the Vitamix range is the Quiet one.


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Vitamix Blending Station Advance

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