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The Champion juicer MAR-220 has been manufactured in the USA by Plastaket for over 60 years and is the original masticating juicer. It has been voted ‘Best Luxury Buy’ by the Independent Newspaper Juicer Review for 3 years running. With bomb-proof build quality and super tough parts, it is great at producing nut butters, sorbets and ice creams and is suitable for those wishing to mainly juice firm fruits and vegetables.

• Commercial grade induction motor
• Cast-metal motor housing
• Super-tough parts
• Optional Grain Mill attachment for milling grains
• Optional Homogenising Attachment for making nut butters, ice creams etc.
• Made in the USA

This is the commercial grade Champion juicer which has heavy-duty front and rear ball bearings for smoother running at maximum RPM plus an all stainless steel shaft for longer life. It also has added winding capacity which improves starting torque and keeps the motor cool which increases its durability plus the length of time it can be run for and performance under heavy load.

The parts on the Champion are made from a nylon coated plastic which improves their strength, making it the best juicer for performing food processing tasks. Switch to the homogenising screen and you can make nut butters, sauces, purees and fruit ice creams. They are no bother for this juice extractor and you can be confident the parts won’t break. An optional Homogenising attachment can be purchased which takes this one step further as it means fewer parts to clean and it will not leak. It is also beneficial to those using it for the 2 stage grind and press Gerson Therapy.

Juicing is easy as it has a larger feed-chute than most other masticating juicers and it is designed to have the produce fed-in quickly which speeds up the whole juicing process. Although the parts are not dishwasher-safe, it is still one of the easies juicers to assemble and clean. Designed for juicing firm fruits and vegetables, it can prove more difficult to juice leafy greens due to the spinning cutter mechanism but if you only wish to juice small amounts of greens then you can successfully do this without any additional attachments. The pressing and cutting action offers a highly nutritious juicer which is evident in the deep colours of the resulting juice.

The optional Champion Juicer coarse screen allows around 50% more fibre to pass into the juice which reduces blocking when juicing troublesome soft fruits or the optional Tomato screen which allows even more fibre in - making it great for making tomato sauces or for those who like lots of fibre in their juice.

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Top Performer
High RPM Motor
Food Preparation
Strong Motor
Soft Fruit Screen
Recommended By Juiceland
Hard Fruits & Vegetables
Soft Fruits
Clear Juice Without Pulp
Warranty (Motor)
10 Years
Warranty (Parts)
5 Years
Boxed Weight Kg
Unboxed Weight Kg
Length mm
Depth mm
Height mm
Size/Shape of Feeding Chamber
45mm Circular
Noodle / Pasta Attachment
Juice can be stored
Juicing Process
Operating RPM
Pulp Ejection System

The Champion juicer is built like a tank and will offer many years of trouble-free use. Okay, it’s not the best if you want to add a lot of leafy greens or wheatgrass but if these particular ingredients are not in your to-juice list – then it performs excellently at most other ingredients. It’s better than any other juice extractor at making nut butters and fruit ice-creams due to its durable parts.

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