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The Spiralz Spiralizer is an ideal way for turning vegetables into noodles and ribbons and a fantastic way to replace heavy gluten-dense pasta with light nutrient-rich vegetables and we bet you won’t be able to tell the difference! Great for those following a gluten-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian or low-carb lifestyle. The vegetable noodles can then be eaten raw, heated through with a sauce to slightly soften or they can be cooked depending on the texture required. This model is manufactured by the original patent owner of the spiral slicer, this is by far the best quality of this type of spiralizer and all other brands are a copy and poor substitution (see here for more information).

• Lifetime Guarantee
• 3 interchangeable blades
• BPA Free
• Strong ABS Plastic
• Original patent product

Three interchangeable blades produce different results; Ribbon blade creates thin ribbons with cucumber, courgette, mooli, potato, it also slices cabbage, onions and peppers; A 3mm noodle blade creates a thinner noodle; A 6mm noodle blade creates a thicker noodle. Both these are great with courgette, mooli, beetroot, carrot, squash, celeriac, onions, and potato. Two blades store conveniently inside the machine when not in use and the third is stored in position.

We just know you’re going to find this a healthier and more fun way to prepare meals. Not only is it nutritious but its surprisingly filling too. Just serve with your favourite pasta sauces and curries, liven up those boring salads, make coleslaw or even curly fries. Spiralized vegetables can be sautéed separately or with the sauce or can even be served raw.

This horizontal spiral slicer packs away nicely when not in use and the interchangeable suction feet prevent the spiralizer from slipping when winding the handle. This is a very easy to use machine, just locate your fruit or vegetable on the spikes, wind the handle and instantly get beautiful vegetable spaghetti, spirals or ribbons.

Popular vegetables that can be spiralized include: Courgette, Cucumber, Carrot, Sweet potato, Yam, Potato, Butternut squash, Beet, Jicama, Rutabaga, Celeriac, Kohlrabi, Parsnip, Turnip, Daikon radish, radishes, Pear, Apple, Plantain, Onion, Cabbage, Fennel, Yucca, Eggplant, Broccoli stem.

Visit our Facebook page at for loads of free recipes and inspirational ideas for getting the most out of your spiralizer and you can ask us any questions there. It comes with a lifetime domestic warranty and two year commercial warranty.

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Juiceland Says about the Spiralz Spiralte Spiralizer

This is the original spiral slicer, it is still manufactured by the original creator and patent owner to the same high standards in a Chinese factory that we annually BSCI audit to ensure that workers are paid a fair wage and working and living conditions are of a good standard. These may look the same as the cheaper models out there but there are significant differences which make the original far superior plus ensure the people making them are paid fairly. We even give it a lifetime warranty.



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