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Our Japanese-style Turning Vegetable Slicer is a piece of kitchen equipment for producing noodle style shapes from firm fruits and vegetables. They are great for those following a raw food, low-carb or gluten free lifestyle as it allows you to substitute traditional pasta and noodles for ones made from courgette (courgetti), carrots, sweet potato or any firm fleshed fruit or vegetable. This version of the spiralizer produces thinner noodles than the traditional style spiral slicer.

• Lifetime warranty*
• 4 blades for added versatility
• Produces Angel-hair spaghetti
• Can be motorised
• Compact and lightweight
• BPA Free

This spiralizer is secured to the work-surface by two suction feet and you affix the fruit or vegetable to the spiked head then wind the handle which turns the vegetables against the blade to produce long strands of noodles or ribbons. There is one permanently fixed blade which produces ribbons from courgette and cucumber and can shred cabbage and slice onions and peppers. Three further blades are included which can be interchanged as and when needed and they include; A 1mm fine blade for delicate raw Angel Hair spaghetti; A 2.5mm blade for noodles; A 4mm blade for noodles which are all great with courgette, radish, beetroot, carrot, squash, celeriac, onions and potato.

We have sold this Turning Vegetable Slicer for approximately eight years and hundreds of restaurants up and down the country use it to prepare daily meals, it has the ability to connect with a cordless drill or screwdriver (socket included) to provide a motorised turning vegetable slicer for spiralizing larger quantities.

Made from strong ABS plastic which is BPA Free, the Spiralizer Turning Vegetable Slicer is simple to use - just locate your preferred vegetable on the spikes, wind the handle and you get instant results. It comes with a lifetime domestic warranty and two year commercial warranty.

Visit our Facebook page at for loads of free recipes and inspirational ideas for getting the most out of your spiralizer and you can ask us any questions there.

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Juiceland Says about the Turning Vegetable Slicer

This is a no-shame direct copy of the Benriner version made from the same steel and plastic and to the same high standard, we challenege anyone to notice the difference. We have added suction feet and the device to motorise it for commercial use. This version produces thinner noodles than the standard machines, it is lighter, smaller and takes up less space. We have been using the same one almost daily for eight years without fault and we sell to many Sushi and Michelin star restaurants.


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Turning Vegetable Slicer

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