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The Omega VSJ843R slow juicer is a vertical juicer from the Omega juicer stable and part of the second generation range of juice extractors manufactured by Hurom. The 2nd generation slow juicers have been completely revamped and there are a number of major improvements over 1st generation models and with them comes less pulp and more juice. The larger juice bowl is now half a litre meaning more juice and nut milks can be mixed together inside as together with the integrated juice-cap, it allows you to dispense the liquid as and when required. More information on Omega Slow Juicers.

• 2nd Generation model
• New slower speed of 43 RPM
• Redesigned double-bite Squeezing Screw
• Juice Cap for mixing juices and smoothies
• Larger 500ml Processing Bowl
• Additional Coarse Screen for soft fruits or a more fibrous juice
• Lid for juice collector
• Easier assembly
• More Juice, Less Pulp!
• Easy Cleaning
• GE-Ultem Super-Strong Parts
• All Parts are BPA-Free

This is one of the latest single-auger juicers designed by Omega as they continue their advancement of their masticating juicer range. Their first generation VERT models have been well received worldwide over the last several years and they continue to grow their market share by being up-to the minute with the latest technology whilst offering unsurpassed warranty on all their products. Reliability and efficiency have been the two key factors in Omegas rise to dominance in the UK market and it just got better with this new slow juicer.

Improvements included on this 2nd generation juice extractor include a new tighter fitting dual-edge auger which breaks down the produce better than before and the new motor rotates at a slow 43 RPM which is nearly 50% slower than earlier machines. Combined with the Auto-cleaning system which keeps the juicing screen clear of pulp to continue efficient juicing, this juicer provides the highest degree of juice extraction and the healthiest possible juice as the slow process delays the oxidation process and increases shelf-life.
The compact and contemporary design takes up very little space on the worktop as with all vertical juicers, the juicing mechanism is positioned at the top which increases processing capacity.

The Auto-cleaning system blades are now driven by the new dual-edge auger removing the necessity of the cog which drove the system on the VRT350 and VRT400 models. The new P-Type juice bowl now simply slots on to the motor housing banishing the old twist-and-lock method and the juice strainer no longer has the fiddly locator which you had to line-up with the bowl.

The amount of fibre passing in to the juice has been considerably reduced which makes it an effective wheatgrass juicer and at leafy greens.

The Omega VSJ843R slow juicer is not just an extractor, it is also a breeze to make things like raw almond milk and soya milk and your favourite milks can be enhanced by simply dropping ingredients like bananas and berries into the juicer to be mixed in with the milks to add sweetness and variety.

The Omega VSJ843R slow juicer has an outstanding warranty of 15 years on motor and parts, Juiceland are an Authorised Omega Dealer and stock a wide range of spare parts.

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15 Years
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32x45mm Kidney Bean
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The Omega VSJ843R slow juicer is part of the 2nd generation models manufactured by Hurom which give improved juice yield over earlier models. More juice with less pulp and markedly improved results with leafy greens. This model does not have the pulp-control lever. As with all vertical juicers, we recommend the use of a squeeze bag for a fibre free juice.

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Omega VSJ843R Slow Juicer

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