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The Omega VERT VRT350HD slow juicer is the earliest 1st Generation vertical juicer manufactured by Hurom (HU-300 model) and adopted under the Omega juicer brand. Being the very first version released, there are obviously some features that have been improved upon on the latest models but it still remains a great entry level juice extractor which does an admirable job of juicing fruits, vegetables and leafy greens for its relative price point. More information on Omega Slow Juicers.

• 1st Generation model
• BPA-Free Auger and Strainer
• GE-Ultem Super-Strong Auger and Strainer
• Easy Cleaning 
• 10 Year Warranty
• Non-drip juice cap
• Coarse strainer for soft fruits
• Sieve to fit juice collector

When Hurom the manufacturer reinvented the single-auger juicer in 2005 by enlarging the juicing strainer, bowl and auger and shifting the juicing mechanism to the top of the machine – the VRT350 was one of the first models to become available in the UK. It quickly became a very popular choice for serious juice enthusiasts due to its versatility in processing different types of ingredients and for its larger feed-chute than traditional masticating juicers. Slow-juice was available quicker than ever before, reducing the time it takes to prep and juice using a traditional cold-press juicer by half and making it genuine competition for the centrifugal juicer market.

Also, the ability to produce raw milks from nuts and seeds at speed was welcomed which previously was only viable through a high-speed blender. This could all now be processed slowly with the reliable 80 RPM motor reducing the amount of oxygen introduced into the liquid and increasing the shelf-life.

Being a vertical juice extractor means considerably less counter-space is taken up - which lets face it can never be a bad thing as there is then less chance of it being put away in a cupboard and forgotten about. Clean-up is now easier as water can be flushed through the juicer and the new Auto-cleaning system removes the majority of pulp build-up inside, allowing it to be re-used more than once-a-day without requiring a full clean-down. The silicone blades of the Auto-cleaning system constantly revolve inside the bowl effectively wiping the insides clean and improving efficiency.

Is it the best wheatgrass juicer? Well the answer would be no but it can juice wheatgrass and leafy greens and if you’re only adding a small amount to your daily juice - then it is as good as anyone needs without the purchase of a more dedicated machine.

The Omega VERT VRT350HD slow juicer has an outstanding warranty of 10 years on motor and parts, Juiceland are an Authorised Omega Dealer and stock a wide range of spare parts. Please note, the UK voltage model is also known as the Omega VRT352HD with the '2' denoting the 220 voltage motor - it is exactly the same juicer in all other respects.

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Soft Fruit Screen
Hard Fruits & Vegetables
Soft Fruits
Leafy Greens & Grasses
Commercial Warranty
Warranty (Motor)
10 Years
Warranty (Parts)
10 Years
Boxed Weight Kg
Unboxed Weight Kg
Length mm
Depth mm
Height mm
Size/Shape of Feeding Chamber
35x60mm Kidney Bean
Noodle / Pasta Attachment
Juices Wheatgrass
Juice can be stored
Juicing Process
Cold Press
Operating RPM
Pulp Ejection System
Manuals Download Manual

Juiceland Says about the Omega VERT VRT350HD Slow Juicer

This is the entry level vertical juicer manufactured by Hurom. A great entry level machine with sound reliability and an excellent warranty. We recommend the use of a nut milk bag to strain the juice as it produces a slightly thicker juice. The Omega VRT400HD offers some improved functions over this model or upgrade to the Omega VSJ model for much better performance and a less pulpy juice.

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Omega VERT VRT350HD Slow Juicer

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