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Please note: This model has now been dicontinued and has been replaced with the Omega 8006 juicer here.

The Omega 8005 Nutrition System juicer is the 2nd Generation of single-auger juicers which features the dual-stage juicing system to increase juice yield over older masticating juicers. Also included is a homogenising screen for producing nut butters, sauces and purees as well as delicious raw milks.

• Dual Stage Squeezing System produces more juice
• 10 Year Parts and Motor Warranty
• Pasta & Noodle shaping nozzles
• GE Ultem Super Strong Juice-strainer
• Affordable Second Generation Single-auger Juicer

A powerful 200 watt induction motor produces around 2 horsepower of squeezing force at the tip to ensure the fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass and leafy greens are significantly ground down to release essential nutrients. The Omega 8005 juicer is really very quiet in operation due to its slow 80 revolutions per minute action which improves efficiency, economy and increase the life-span of the motor. This juice extractor includes the super-strong GE Ultem juicing-strainer.

With its sleek design it is one of the smaller cold-press juicers in our range and its housing is finished in a gorgeous mirrored chrome. Due to its longer three-stage squeezing-screw and the 2 step juice-strainer, more juice is extracted as it is juiced at two separate points on its way through. The strainer and food pusher are fitted with a silicone-seal that helps increases pressure in the chamber which aids when juicing softer ingredients like oranges and berries to maximise the performance.

The homogenising screen when used in conjunction with the noodle nozzles allows you to produce pasta and noodles in various sizes and the screen can also mince vegetables, garlic and herbs.

*The Omega 8005 Juicer and Nutrition Centre is sold as the Omega 8225 in the UK & Europe with the 22 denoting 220V.

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Hard Fruits & Vegetables
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Carry Handle
Warranty (Motor)
10 Years
Warranty (Parts)
10 Years
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Depth mm
Height mm
Size/Shape of Feeding Chamber
38mm Circular
Juices Wheatgrass
Juice can be stored
Juicing Process
Cold Press
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Pulp Ejection System
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Juiceland Says about the Omega Omega 8005 Nutrition System Juicer

An excellent choice for customers wanting to get the maximum amount of juice from the produce they put in and for the most affordable outlay. For those wanting to juice a lot of softer fruits we recommend the Omega Sana EUJ-707 juicer which has a separate soft fruit strainer. This is the same machine as the Oscar Vitalmax 900 but has the stronger GE Ultem juice strainer.

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Omega 8005 Nutrition System Juicer

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