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The Lexen Healthy Juicer GP27 is a surprisingly efficient manually operated cold-press juice extractor suitable for juicing wheatgrass and leafy greens. Through clever design - it is super-neat and compact and is very easy to assemble and disassemble and also easy to clean.

• No juice-strainer
• Small, compact and portable for travelling
• Weighs under 1.1kg
• Great for Wheatgrass and greens
• Simple assembly and cleaning
• No electricity required
• Affordable price
• Long handle for more traction

What is unique about this manual wheatgrass juicer is that by removing the juice-strainer which is a part featured on most other masticating juicers – Lexen have removed the most difficult part of a juicer to clean. Leafy greens and wheatgrass have long-fibres, which when juiced intertwines and exits like string - rather than bitty pulp. So an integrated strainer is not required to sieve out these bits.

The long handle allows this manual juicer to crush the produce via the squeezing screw which allows minimum oxygen in to the juice.

When juicing other fruits and vegetables the Lexen Healthy Juicer does produce a much more pulpy juice than comparable manual single-auger juicers that have a strainer. However, the handy removable sieve that sits on the custom-fitted juice collector helps to reduce the amount of fibre passing into the juice.

The juice is dispensed into the juice collector, which tucks under the handle end of the juicer. After being squeezed, the pulp is ejected through the end-cap. The powerful suction-base locks to a smooth work-surface and also included is a metal clamp for surfaces like tables that aren’t smooth enough for suction. Ideally, you would use both, especially if juicing firm produce.

The Lexen Healthy Juicer GP27 is very light-weight weighing in at a fraction over one kilogram, so if you want to keep up your daily juicing of leafy greens – then it is ideal for holidays, travelling and camping etc.

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Product Features
Soft Fruit Screen
Recommended By Juiceland
Leafy Greens & Grasses
1 Year
Commercial Warranty
Boxed Weight Kg
Unboxed Weight Kg
Length mm
Depth mm
Height mm
Size/Shape of Feeding Chamber
45mm Oval
Noodle / Pasta Attachment
Juices Wheatgrass
Juice can be stored
Juicing Process
Cold Press
Pulp Ejection System
Manuals Download Manual

Juiceland Says about the Lexen Healthy Juicer GP27

We have been selling the Lexen Healthy Juicer GP27 for over 11 years. Don’t be fooled by its appearance - it may be travel-size but it is very capable especially at juicing greens and particularly wheatgrass. We recommend it less for fruit and vegetable juicing as we personally find the juice too thick, but it is okay for occasional use. We stock all parts. 

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Lexen Healthy Juicer GP27

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