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The IR D5 Infrared Food Dehydrator is manufactured by L'Equip but marketed in Europe under the 'Counter Intelligence' brand. With a name that wouldn't be amiss in a Star Wars film and an appearance to match, this food dryer has some nifty features that even R2D2 would be proud of. It includes five steel trays and is one of the quietest dehydrators we have heard. It has three separate modes for dehydrating, 'Solar', 'Shade' and 'Auto' which give varying control over how food is dehydrated, it also has a built-in washable air filter.

• Choice of Infrared or Conventional drying modes
• Automatic 'Set and forget' mode
• Computer controlled digital thermostat with LED Display
• 5 Stainless Steel Trays plus drip tray
• Washable air filter
• Improved drying times, nutrition and flavour

'Solar Mode' uses infrared waves to dry the ingredients and they claim this reduces drying time by up to 20% compared to traditional food dehydrators. They also claim this process preserves more nutrients and improves flavours compared to standard dehydrators. You can load-up with more ingredients to increase capacity in this mode as the food dryer is not reliant on circulation of warm air to dry the food, ingredients placed really close together would normally restrict the flow of warm air and slow down drying time.

'Shade Mode' uses conventional air-drying which is more suitable for delicate ingredients like herbs and raw food dehydrating. In both 'Solar' and 'Shade' modes, the temperature can be set within a range of 35ºC - 70ºC (86ºF - 158ºF) and the time can be set from 1 to 99 hours or the timer can be manually disabled to run continuously.

'Automatic Mode' is great as a 'set and forget' option, just press the button and the dehydrator will automatically switch to 'Solar Mode' and set temperature to 70ºC with no allotted time. It uses built-in moisture sensors to detect humidity levels below 3% and will automatically shut down when this level is reached. During operation, temperature will fall and rise automatically to best control the drying process. This mode is ideal for dehydrating fish and meat and ensures food is completely dried safely.

The beautiful appearance of the IR D5 dehydrator has won multiple design awards. This is a really unique machine with excellent build quality and design features. It uses the 'horizontal' dehydrating process which is more efficient than vertical dehydrators. The interior door is lined with stainless steel to reflect back the heat and either some or all of the trays can be removed to create an open chamber to allow you to dehydrate large ingredients and ferment foods. The food dryer runs very quiet when in operation at a claimed 45dB.

The Counter Intelligence IR D5 Infrared Food Dehydrator has five removable stainless steel trays plus a plastic crumb tray to catch any spills. It is powered by a 500 watt motor. The air used to dry food is first passed through a washable air-filter to ensure only clean air comes into contact with the food and there are a pair of silicone gloves for handling the trays when hot. The internal volume is 23 Litres which is an ideal size for the average family. The warranty is serviced in the UK by L'Equip and is 5 years on the motor and 2 years on the parts.

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Noise dB
Horizontal Drying System with Infrared
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86ºF - 158ºF or 35ºC - 70ºC
Built in Timer
5 Steel Trays
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5 Steel Trays
5 years motor, 2 years parts
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IR D5 Infrared Dehydrator by CI

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