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The Inspiralizer was designed by Ali Maffucci who is the owner of - a website which is dedicated to recipes made with a vegetable spiralizer and contains hundreds of meals where stodgy carbohydrates are replaced by healthy vegetables that are made to look like pasta and noodles. The Inpsiralizer has been designed from the ground up and has solved some of the minor niggles which are present on the original turning slicers.

• Compact design stores away easily
• BPA Free
• Lifetime Guarantee
• 4 blades for various shapes and sizes of noodle
• Strong dual suction clamp
• Minimised size of central core reduces waste
• Unique revolving blade keeps blades in one place
• Safety cover to protect fingers from blades

We love this spiralizer, it has solved all the problems with previous versions without compromise so is a great option for those looking to upgrade or for the serious home chef wanting the absolute best. Whilst the other versions sold by us do perform an admiral job, if you use one of these as much as we do then these little improvements go a long way to make your life that bit easier.

Firstly, the Inspiralizer has four blades – whilst this is not completely unique, we believe much more thought has gone into the design of these and offer a wider range of usable sizes than other models. Blade A makes wide ribbons and is useful when preparing cucumber and courgette; Blade B produces the thickest fettuccini style noodle and works great with all firmer produce like sweet potato, squash etc.; Blade C makes a thinner linguini like pasta and again works well with all firm produce; finally Blade D makes the thinnest spaghetti type noodle. The blades are accessed via a uniquely designed revolving selector known as the 'Noodle Twister'. Simply twist the dial to select the correct blade and when not in use you can fit a safety guard to protect your fingers.

The machine itself is designed to be compact, most earlier models can be quite cumbersome to store especially if you are space challenged. The size has been significantly reduced and there is a handy stopper to prevent the sliding handle moving when it is being stored. There is a dual suction clamp fitted to the base which helps it stick firm to most surfaces and makes spiralizing firm produce easier. The central coring blade has been minimised which reduces the size of the central core which is a by-product of spiralizing and makes less waste. Although we have never really understood complaints with regards this as you can just chop the core up and add to your meal, it has reduced the problem for those who see it as a legitimate concern. It is made of a newly developed plastic which provides quality, rigidity, toughness and elasticity, ideal for holding up against tough veggies.

The Inspiralizer comes with a comprehensive twelve page user manual which includes recipes and is guaranteed for the Lifetime against manufacturing defects.

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Simply the best spiralizer we have tested if you want to produce varying sizes of spiralized vegetables. Great design features and compact construction make it great for those with limited storage space.


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