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The Blendtec Stealth Blender 875 is one of the quietest blenders on the planet! The advanced sound enclosure allows blending at the sound level of normal conversation. This is Blendtecs top of the range smoothie maker which now allows your blender to be situated right where you serve your customers. Suitable for juice bars, milk-shake bars, pubs, cocktail bars and restaurants. It includes two Fourside jars with lids as standard.

• Quiet as the sound of normal conversation
• 1800 watt 3.8 peak HP motor
• Capacitive touch controls
• 42 pre-programmed cycles 
• Programmable with online BlendWizard app
• Includes 2 x FourSide jar with soft flat lids

Featuring a capacitive touch blue LED illuminated control panel with speed slider (like and iPad screen) for fine-tuned motor control. It has 42 pre-programmed blending cycles and if that’s not enough - you can also customise your own blending profiles with the BlendWizard™ online app which already has hundreds of pre-made blend cycles to download. You can make your own programmes by selecting the motor speed and duration of the blend with the app and up to 14 of these can then be uploaded to your blenders via the USB socket.

The 1800 watt IQB1 direct-drive motor makes the Blendtec Stealth blender the most advanced industrial blender in its class, putting out 3.8 peak horsepower it is designed to be used in the busiest of environments.

The Blendtec Stealth Blender 875 sound enclosure is fitted with rubber dampeners all the way around ensuring it is locked down tight to prevent any noise escaping. It has been specially designed to reduce the noise of the air intake which cools the machine when in operation. The blender can be mounted either on or in-counter.

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Product Features
Strong Motor
Food Preparation
High RPM Motor
Makes Hot Soup
Cocktails / Crushed Ice
Smoothie / Milkshake
Hard Fruits & Vegetables
Leafy Greens & Grasses
Soft Fruits
Top Performer
Recommended By Juiceland
Peak Horsepower
Digital Display
Number of Programs
Noise Reduction Cover
Dishwasher Safe
Return to Base - 3 Years Motor, 1 Year Jug & Blade, 1 Year Labour
Commercial Warranty
Return to Base - 3 Years Motor, 1 Year Jug & Blade, 1 Year Labour
Boxed Weight Kg
Unboxed Weight Kg
Length mm
Depth mm
Height mm
Operating RPM
Manuals Download Manual

Juiceland Says about the Blendtec Stealth Blender 875.

It really is amazing just how quiet it is. You really can now serve customers right by where the drink is being blended which adds to the overall theatre whilst eliminating the obtrusive noise caused by ingredients being blended. With the ability to easily programme your own custom profiles and upload by USB with no costly purchase of an extra programming kit, there is now no drink that can't be blended!

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Blendtec Stealth Blender 875

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